Tourist Guide : How to choose the right hotel?


Selecting a hotel for the trip is not always jst easy. Search accommodation offers are flooding us and, beautiful, professionally retouched photos hotel does not help us to choose from. Below you will find 10 tips for our travelers, which will show you how to choose the right night showing what to look for when booking hotel abroad.

The most important when looking at a narrow selection criterion. Before you begin ” searching ” think about :

1 What do you expect from a hotel?

Consider what is the purpose of your stay and what you care about most. If you are going on a business trip is probably interested in you Internet access. You’re going with the family ? Pay attention to whether breakfast is included in the room rate, also check the other hotel facilities.
Our advice : When you select a home city hotels search engine appears ” Filter according to the following criteria.” Use it !

2 Location of the hotel

The price of the most important selection criterion should be the location of the hotel. Consider how long you leave and what are your plans for your stay. On a short trip better look for a hotel close to local attractions or business meetings. Save what is lost in the access hours.

3 Choosing a hotel idea what you want to do tonight

Book a hotel according to how you want to spend time in the evening (near clubs and restaurants ), near tourist attractions or the peace and quiet ? During the day you will reach everywhere by bus, metro or taxi, and at night transportation to the hotel can be expensive or unavailable, and the area is not always safe.

4.Centrum whether the outskirts of the city ?

Hotels in the city center are always more expensive, but in the vicinity of the center you will also find many local attractions. Hotels on the outskirts are cheaper, but depending on whether it is London, Paris or Budapest, for example, travel by public transport or taxi can be much more expensive than you think, and the choice of a cheaper hotel may prove to be unprofitable and precious time.

5 Read descriptions of the object

You know what you want and do not be fooled. Hotel ” on the beach ” can mean 2 km from the sea and the beach is available for swimming, and the nearest bus stop is 15 minutes. extra walking. Do not risk it ! Before booking a room please read the description of the hotel.

6 See hotel location on the map

In our search every hotel is highlighted on an interactive google map, which you can freely zoom in and out. Just click in the box ” Show Map ” and on the map in addition to the location of the hotel, you will see min. where there are nearby subway stations, bus stops and other useful information.

 7 What are the reviews of the hotel?

Learn from the mistakes of others! Photos and commercial description may be sensational, but it does not reflect the true value of the hotel as the opinions of its guests. A must read before booking the room.

8 Check the terms and conditions of cancellation of hotel room

It may happen that you want to cancel your stay in the hotel because at the time of booking, check your cancellation. Make sure it is a non-refundable option (at the time of cancellation pay for Tables of the night in the hotel) or spaces free cancellation. Read which means free cancellation for the selected object.

9 Observe the changes in the price of the hotel

Promotion Rules rooms vary from airline promotion. Price per room may be lower by up to 40 % for a few days before arrival, than when the hotel. In this case, you can use the free option cancellation and booking room at the same hotel again, at a promotional price. Pure savings !

10 Find out if the hotel offers the ” late check -out”

The standard hotel night ends up in the chair. 12.00. Most hotels offer (though this does not promote ) the so-called. ” Late check-out “, ie the possibility of a free, late check out of the hotel on the day of departure, usually at 14.00 or 15.00. Option late check -out is extremely useful if your return flight is, for example evening.

Our advice : booking a room online, in the comments ask about the possibility of a free late check-out. You can also do the check- in desk at the hotel.